This is the best and durable car air fresheners, they are atMercadona

Mercadona is characterized by selling cheap and high quality products, so much so that many consumers choose the Valencian chain to get effective cosmetics or cleaning products at a very low price. Have you tried their best car air freshener?

If you have not tried them yet, we recommend you do so because over time the smell of the interior of vehicles tends to become vitiated and becomes annoying. However, with the Car Air Fresheners that you will find in Mercadona you will be able to give a pleasant and lasting fragrance to your vehicle.

Mercadona sells two types of car air fresheners depending on their placement and method of use, with different fragrances to choose from. Specifically 6 aromas for you to choose the one you like the most.

Air fresheners to hang in the rear view mirror of the car

The fragrance of these hanging car air fresheners is diffused through their wooden stopper. Through it, a pleasant scented environment is provided inside your car. Three kinds of fragrances available:

· Wild Fruits : fragrance of juicy, sugary aromas from a basket of freshly picked fruits.

· Bali : irresistible floral fragrance introduced by refreshing watery notes. This fragrance boasts a delicate floral heart of rose and lily of the valley, and a rich woody base molded by musks.

· Happy : a fresh, energetic and sparkling fragrance that combines a juicy fruity accord with a sophisticated floral bouquet on a soft base of peach and vanilla.

How to use

Unscrew the wood from the glass and remove the plastic stopper from the glass bottle.

Screw the wooden top back to the glass bottle all the way.

Attach the bottle to the rear-view mirror without any other hanging object. Adjust the length of the cord so that the air freshener doesn't hit the glass of the car. Use only in the rear-view mirror.

Rotate the bottle for 3 seconds every 4 days (Do not rotate more than 3 seconds). Perform this operation whenever you want to intensify the perfume. Once the product is exhausted, replace with a new one. Do not reuse the cap.

Car air fresheners for ventilation grille

These air fresheners are hooked on the ventilation grille.Three kinds of fragrance available:

· Exotic : exotic aroma to give a different touch to your vehicle.

· Lima : pleasant citrus-scented fragrance.

· Marine : fresh fragrance with marine aromas.

How to use

Peel off the protective aluminum foil from the refill by pulling on the tab at the top of the refill.

Insert the refill into the diff user until you hear a"click" (so the refill is correctly set).

Close the lid until you hear the "click".

Hook the clamp in the corresponding place, located on the back of the product (2 possible directions depending on the car's ventilation grille model).

Place the air freshener on the ventilation grille with the diffuser cover closed facing up.

When there is no more liquid left in the refill, replace it with a new one.